The Eternal Question Show

The ground breaking new television chat  show.


This is a "chat show" along the lines of Larry Sanders meets Richard Blackwood meets Bill Murray.

Each show commences with the crew trying to find the host of the show in a succession of more and more outlandish places and meeting a range of more and more off the wall street characters.

After locating the host the show itself commences with the usual host walk on, greetings, show band, one or two one liners, with quick move to the first guest who is asked to suggest the answer to the Eternal Question.

Quick cuts to:

All are asked to suggest the answer to the Eternal Question.



A number of interesting Guests are in the process of being approached to come on the show.  To date, these include:

As a fallback, a range of less interesting guests are also being approached.  These include:


Main Characters

Rudey The Manager

Mikey The Agent

The Manager & The Director

The Manager & The Host

The First Night


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