Purveyors of fine live and moving image entertainment, including:  

the rudimentary
Great Leighs Arts Workshop 

the legendary
Flying Patrol Group 

the obscure
R Parcequedonc

the cerebral
Brainfood Theatre Company

the inexplicable
Light Lectures

the inspirational
Deacon Martin

(check out all the YouTube video clips)
Deacon M on YouTube

the shattering
Church of the Eternal Question

the spiritual
Nine Ether

the uninhibited
Denise Gordon

the photonic
Light Truck

the provocative

the ambitious
Arts Warehouse project

the ground breaking
Eternal Question Show

the audacious
Ship Script  project

the buoyant

 the fluvial

 the eclectic
Woyo Collit




the Merchandise Page

the collected written works of
A Flying Patrolman


and associated products and technologies through:

the innovative
Time Lapse Photographic 
(suppliers of stills to this site)

the informative
GrassRoots InfoTech 
(suppliers of IT to this site)

and the subversive


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Purveyors of fine live and moving image entertainment.

For further details of any aspect of ECRP undertakings,
please email:  information@ecrp.co.uk